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Damon Kirkham, The man with more aliases than he knows what to do with. Hailing from the South West outskirts of London, Damon, known to his friends as (Kid) Drama started buying vinyl at a young age and having the joys of experiencing and watching techno fuse into hardcore, mutate into jungle and splinter off into various Drum & Bass forms throughout the 90’s and eventually being a major part of spawning his own sub-genre alongside Boddika as Instra:mental.

Connecting with like-minded Exit Records boss-man dBridge they formed “The Autonomic Podcast” aimed at showcasing a more stripped back form of Drum & Bass with punchy drum machines and vintage synthesizers, echoing back to 80’s film scores blended with a heavy Warp Records and Detroit influence. The podcasts also allowed the three producers to share an insight into their production mindset with the inclusion of an “Influences” section; a standard today with podcasts and mixes worldwide.

As Instra:mental, Kid Drama and Boddika won DJ Magazine awards two years in a row with ”Best Breakthrough Producers” and then “Best Compilation” for the legendary Fabric Live 50 mix alongside dBridge, and club night of the same name at London's infamous Fabric. With an untouchable catalogue of synth driven D&B, Electro, Techno and Bass music, Instra:mental ended the chapter to pursue solo careers.

Listen to the many aliases of Damon Kirkham in the Spotify playlist below

Listen to the many aliases of Damon Kirkham in the Spotify playlist below

After the Instra:mental days, over the years Damon picked up many aliases all with their own unique style and production; from the Electro of Jon Convex to the IDM of Mikarma and back to D&B as his original Kid Drama moniker. (Download the press pack for a more in depth look at his other work)

Kid Drama had returned his focus to Drum and Bass, spanning the full spectrum and having fun with it again; from Boards of Canada inspired washed out soundscapes, 90’s golden era tech step to Trap infusions on the Kid Drama produced EP for Alia Fresco. Constantly switching up his studio set ups for the fear of sticking to a formula and going stale, Kid Drama also frequently collaborates with like minded producers (read geeks) splicing styles with long time collaborator dBridge, Skeptical, Ulterior Motive, Om Unit, Fracture, DLR.. the list is extensive but one thing is consistent is the quality of the output.

After releasing on  prestigious labels such as Exit Records and Goldies legendary Metalheadz, Drama returns to his own CNVX imprint to build solid foundations with an array of respected artists and visual direction from Mr.Penfold. There’s no slowing down for Damon and his plans, just expect more music and more aliases!


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